King of England during the American Revolution?


The King of England during the American Revolution was King George III. He lived in England between 1738-1820. King George the third was also the first Hanoverian King to have native English as his first language.
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In 1776 King George III was King of Great Britain and, separately King of Ireland. Later in his reign (1801) the crowns of Great Britain and Ireland were united and he became King
King George III was the King of England during the
King George III (known as the king who lost America) sat upon the throne of England from 1760-1820.
For the record, the first answer is right, the second one is wrong.King George III of England is not 9-letters, GEORGEIII is. If you're an American, I suggest reading up on the American
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King George III was involved in the American Revolution by being the King of England. The American colonies were rebelling against England and trying to gain their ...
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The king of England during World War One was King George v. His full name was George Frederick Ernest Albert and reigned for nearly 26 years after been crowned ...
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