Who were the five Tudor monarchs?


There were five Tudor monarchs who ruled England and Wales for 118 years from 1485 to 1603. These rulers were Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. It is widely accepted that two of the strongest rulers of England came from this period: Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I.
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They were an English noble family, related to and allied with the Lancasters during the Wars of the Roses. After defeating and killing Richard III at the battle of Bosworth Field,
The Tudors were a dynasty of royalty who ruled England for over a century. This family line included Henry VII, Henry VII, Edward the VI and Mary I. The final Tudor was Elizabeth
Elizabeth I (r. 1558-1603) was the last Tudor monarch. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
Henry VII (1457-1509) was the founder and monarch of the Tudor dynasty. Five Tudor monarchs followed him, including Henry VIII (2nd son) and Elizabeth I.
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There were five Tudor Monarchs, reigning from 1485 until 1603. Their names in order of their reign are; King Henry VII (1485-1509), King Henry VIII (1509-1547), Edward VII (1547-1553), Mary I (1553-1558) and Elizabeth I (1558-1603). Jane Grey was declared Queen for a period of nine days in 1553, but is usually regarded as a usurper rather than a monarch.
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