Who were the Cossacks?


The term Cossacks is used to refer to group of predominantly east Slavic people who were originally members of the semi-military communities in the Ukraine and Southern Russia. With regards to traditional historiography the Cossacks are said to have emerged around the 14th-15th century.
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Free Ukrainians organized into a military force.
The Ukrainian Cossack rebellion and Khmelnytsky Uprising (a war for
They were a specific militaristic communities of various ethnicities living in the steppe regions of Ukraine, southern Russia and also eastern borders of Tsardom of Russia and later
Definition: A Cossack is a member of a mixed-ethnicity group from southern Russia, Central Asia, or Ukraine. The Cossacks are renowned as cavalry fighters, and served the Tsars of
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The Cossacks were a group of Eastern and Asian Europeans who lived in Northern Europe in the olden days. They were well known for being effective as soldiers especially during the Russian Revolution. Some sources describe them as Germany-looking; they were specifically cruel to the Jews.
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The General Zaroff character is a character from the book The Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Connell. General Zaroff is an expatriate Russian Cossack who ...
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