Roundheads Cavaliers?


The term roundheads was used to refer to soldiers who supported Parliament during the Civil War. The Cavaliers was used to describe a Royalist supporter of King Charles and his son during a certain period between (1642-c. 1680). The word cavalier was used by Parliamentarians.
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English Civil War: a series of armed conflicts that took place between Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and Royalists (Cavaliers) between 1642 and 1651
parliamentarians and royalists.
5 October 1986(UK) See more »
Cavalier is a name originating from the same root os Cavalry, from a time when the richest of an army, those of aristocratic background would ride the horses, whilst the common man
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A Waistcoat and justaucorps that was worn over top of the doublet were the common clothing for Cavaliers and Roundhead men. Women wore high-heeled shoes, long ...
Roundheads were called so because some of the Puritans wore the hair closely cropped around the head, and there was thus an obvious difference between them and ...
Cavaliers and Roundheads were people found during the reign of King Charles I of England. Cavaliers were the King's supporters and they were called that way because ...
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