The Wombles?


The Wombles are pointy-nosed hairy creatures that reside in burrows, where they help the environment by recycling rubbish in useful and ingenious ways. They first appeared in a series of children's novels and were created by Elisabeth Beresford in 1968.
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The names of Female wombles are Alderney, Shansi, Miss Adelaide, Stepney and Madame Cholet.
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There were 24 Wombles in the books by Elizabeth Beresford. .
The British television programme, The Wombles had 6 series. The first series which aired in 1973 comprised of the following; Orinoco & The Big Black Umbrella, The Rocking Chair,
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The Wombles are fictional characters created in the 1960s by children's books author Elisabeth Berseford who had their own television show. The programme featured ...
The Wombles was narrated by Bernard Cribbins who was a theatre actor who was a comedian in mid-1950 and had played roles such as: Tommy the Toreador, The Night ...
River Womble is a fictional river, which is featured in the children's novel called 'The Wombles' created by author Elisabeth Beresford, the novel was famous ...
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