Who Would Be Affected from a Coal Fired Power Station in New Zealand?


The ones who would be affected from another coal fired power station being built in New Zealand would be the people and animals of New Zealand. Not all of the affects would be negative, but there would surely be some negative impact on the environment.
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Coal Electricity generation at a coal-fired power station starts, appropriately enough, with coal, which is usually delivered to the plant by rail or barge. The coal is first crushed
Coal is burned to produce heat, which then is transferred to water/steam, which produces mechanical power in the steam turbine, which produces electrical power from the generator
There is really only one down side to coal as a source of energy: it's dirty when it burns and contributes up to 40% of the CO2 and much of the SO2 found in today's atmosphere. Despite
TEN ADVANTAGES. • At present there’s about 200 years worth of known reserves, there may be more. It’s a fuel source that is going to be around for a long time, even
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