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The fictional character Paddington Bear was written by Thomas Michael Bond. The writer who was born on the 13th of January, 1926, released this children's book on 13th October in 1958.He has also written the Olga da Polga series, the Monsieur Pamplemousse series and many other books.
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The author of the Paddington Bear is a man named Micheal Bond. Born in England in 1926. Mr. Bond had his first book published in 1958 which was called 'A Bear Called Paddington'. Thus began the Paddington Bear series.
Author of Paddington Bear was Michael Bond. He first bought a bear on Christmas Eve in 1956 because he felt sorry for it sitting on the shelf all alone. He brought it home to his wife and started writing stories about the bear. He soon realized he had a book here. so in October of 1958 the first book was published.
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Michael Bond.
Paddington Bear, first appearing in public on October 13, 1958, is from Peru. Paddington is known to be quite stubborn when he wants to get something done right. But he always wins
Learn about Paddington and his various adventures. Since Michael Bond introduced him to the Browns - the London family who took him home and with whom he still lives - more than 70
According to Amazon, Michael Bond wrote 'Paddington Bear.' It was illustrated by R.W. Alley. 12 books have been written about P.Bear.
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The 'Paddington Bear' was a series of books written by Thomas Michael Bond, an English author born in 1926. He was educated at Presentation College, a Catholic ...
A popular fictional character of children literature, Paddington bear appeared on 13 October 1958. This character is now 53 years old and has appeared in several ...
The Paddington bear was a fictional character brought out in 1958. The Paddington bear is said to have been from darkest Peru where he was brought up by his Aunt ...
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