Who Wrote the Song Hurt That Johnny Cash Sings?


The song 'Hurt' which is sung by Johnny Cash was written by Trent Reznor. The song was initially sung by Nine Inch Nails in 1994 and it was covered by Johnny Cash in 2002. The song is all about the realisation of consequences and regrets.
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Hurt was written by Trent Reznor of the hard rock band Nine Inch
The song was originally written by Trent Reznor of the band Nine Inch Nails, and released on their 1994 album. The Downward Spiral. Cash covered the song in 2002, shortly before his
"Hurt" was written by Trent Reznor & 1st released by Nine Inch Nails. Johnny Cash covered it in 2002.
Trent wrote it but after he heard Johnny's version he said " That is a johnny cash song!
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