Why does my dog have a lump after a tick removal?


After tick removal, lumps can form near the affected area. Localized swelling is normal. If it does not disappear after a day, there may be an infection, or part of the tick may still remain inside the dog's skin.
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A retained tick head is among the most common risks of tick removal. When you remove a tick from your dog, always check to enure the tick's head is present. If you squeeze a tick
my dogs had little lumps for a good month after the ticks were removed,so every day i wiped it with achool and applied polysporin. sometimes the head of the tick can stay imbedded
The tick has an enzyme that keeps the blood from clotting so it can get a uninterrupted feeding. It sounds like maybe you didn't get the whole thing out... Treat it like an infection
I never advocate a vet because most of us are suffering in this recession, however because of the alteration in your dog's skin I think he needs to see the vet, I know you are worried
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Why a Dog Has a Lump After Tick Removal
Dogs that live in warm, wooded areas are especially susceptible to the bites of ticks --- tiny arachnids that feed on blood. Though most tick bites are only minor inconveniences, ticks carry a host of illnesses. A tick bite can also cause infections and... More »
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