Why Am I Always Hot and Sweaty?


Excessive sweating is a symptom that is common in various diseases such as lymphoma and other underlying medical conditions. It is important to get yourself examined by a medical professional for a proper diagnosis.
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Many people feel as if they are hot. This is especially true for women who are experiencing menopause. Talk to your doctor about what you are feeling. For more information see here:
I used to sweat for no reason, such as driving or watching tv. Like absolutely no clue why, I wasn't stressed. And then I went to the doctor. It's called Hyperhydrosis. Your glands
I think the only person that can determine if these are separate health issues, is your physician and you should see him/her for the pain. I have basically eliminated the alcohol
If you are thin and seem to have an unusually large appetite, then you might just have a high metabolic rate and there is nothing wrong with this. If you do not have a high metabolic
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Drumming is hard work. One would naturally be sweaty and hot after a long day of drumming. Hot air is trapped between the spaces of the shirt and skin. The removal ...
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