Why am I Craving Tuna Fish?


The body craves odd things at times and it usually means you are lacking in some nutrient. I can't give you a specific reason that you are craving tuna fish. You may be craving it simply because you like it and haven't had it in a while.
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Since I practice vegetarian diet, I never crave fish/seafood! Why? iodine seaweed, salt with iodine. omega-3/6: Eggs, bread-with added omega-3, sunflower veggie omega-3 supplement
You may not gain weight but you might feel the desire to sleep in a can.
You're attracted to tuna fish, because tuna fish is great to eat. There are many
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Craving fish usually means that the body needs more protein. A craving can be either mental or physical, however. Many cravings mean that the body needs a specific ...
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