Why Am I so Emotional?


Being highly emotional is a very common condition. It is sometimes caused by mood swings and depression. You might be suffering from depressive illness, which is a condition that is often misdiagnosed but also very treatable.
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Im exactly like you so i can relate to what you are talking about, i get emotional a lot too. but i happened to understand that theses never ending tears come from bottling everything
Buddhists call this. dukkha. It is usually translated as suffering. This is the first noble truth. The origin of. dukkha. is desire. There is a desire in [under erasure] your emotions
the same reason you are thirsty after a workout/sports/excercise.
No you just wear your heart on you sleeve so to speak. There is nothing wrong with this and I think its a healthy sign of emotion. I don't think you have low self esteem as much as
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Some people are just more sensitive than others. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. In fact, many men and women seek an emotional partner.
There are many reasons that you could be very emotional right now. You may be going through some personal issues, or it also maybe that you have unbalanced hormones. There could be many explanations for emotional behavior.
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