Why Am I so Hungry?


Hunger is a natural instinct that plays an important role in human survival. However, if you feel excessively hungry it can be caused by conditions such as underlying medical or emotional issues, it may be a sign of diabetes, Hypoglycemia, brain injury, Hyperthyroidism and Bipolar disease.
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People get hungry when their bodies need fuel. If it's been a while since you last ate, you may find your stomach is growling with hunger. If you are pregnant, you will probably find yourself hungry more often or needing slightly larger portions of food to make you feel full.
You get hungry for lots of reasons. Sometimes its time for your body to get more nutrients. Sometimes people get hungry when they are depressed.
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You may be hungry because you haven't eaten yet! If you have eaten and you are still hungry, your body may be telling you it needs more. If this is a persisting problem, talk to your
Because you have not have eaten for a while. Or You Got The Muchies. Smoking That Will Do It To Ya. 8D. Also probably because I have no Idea what your home life is like I won't be
When you wake in the morning, your body is in the fasting state. You have probably not eaten for 6 to 12 hours. You also have not drunk anything in that time. Your body is low on
You are hungry because it is almost dinnertime! What's for dinner? You should go cook something
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There are different reasons for you not being hungry. The reasons include Crohn's disease, ulcer, anorexia, gastritis, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome ...
Getting hungry is natural and important so if you have a problem getting hungry consulting your GP would be the best thing to do. The problem could be due to a ...
There are many reasons that you can by hungry and tired. You may not be eating properly or getting enough sleep. Talk to your doctor about possible causes. ...
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