Why Am I so Skinny?


If you were skinny since you were born, then most probably you have the Ectomorph body type. This body type is genetically coded to have a very high rate of metabolism and eating to much won't the situation. To improve your body size, you will need to go to the gym.
Q&A Related to "Why Am I so Skinny?"
It depends what type of skinny you mean. If you mean anorexic-skinny and you don't have anorexia, you might have a parasite called a tape worm. Tape worms infect your stomach, eating
It's because you're a growing person. Your metabolism will slow down as you stop growing up, and then you'll have to start worrying about growing out. Start working out now - not
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Anorexics are skinny because they starve themselves. When the body doen't get enough nutrients through food and / or all the calories for energy are burned off through exercise, the
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