Why Are Agar Plates Incubated Upside down?


Agar plates are incubated upside down because water vapor is produced. When up side down the water will drip away from the bacteria. If they were right side up the water would drip onto the bacteria.
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Before the introduction of agar plates, researchers used foodstuffs such as bread to culture microorganisms. Later, gelatin-covered plates were used. In 1882 a researcher named Fannie
I had the same question. I would guess that the agar would last longer and stay fresher that way, i seriously dont know sorry.
The agar plate must be inverted (or placed upside down) during incubation to prevent moisture from dripping into the agar. Due to the high concentration of water in agar, some condensation
The reason for incubating bacterial cultures upside down is because you are
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Why Are Agar Plates Incubated Upside Down?
Agar plates are dishes of nutrient medium used to culture microorganisms and cells. They need a controlled environment and special handling.... More »
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