Why Are Agar Plates Inverted for Incubation?


Agar Plates are small dishes with a nutrient paste of agar that are used to culture microorganisms and cells. The plates may be kept inside of an incubator to keep the correct temperature for the cells. However, the agar plates must be inverted because water evaporating from the plate may condense on the lid and fall back down, which would interfere with the experiment.
Q&A Related to "Why Are Agar Plates Inverted for Incubation?"
If they are not inverted, water forms on top of the plate and will drop on the surface "messing up" the colonies. They will be harder to ID.
To prevent condensation from forming on the agar.
Before the introduction of agar plates, researchers used foodstuffs such as bread to culture microorganisms. Later, gelatin-covered plates were used. In 1882 a researcher named Fannie
If you are referring to why we incubate agar plates upside-down, it is all due to gravity. When agar is made, it is a hot liquid. At this time, nutrients, chemicals, etc. can be added
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