Why Are Boogers Green?


Boogers are supposed to be clear and thin. Green boogers can be a result of viral infection or the heme group within the iron-containing enzyme is secreted by white blood cells as a defence during a respiratory burst.
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From our video partners Migraine Headaches Know your triggers to prevent a migraine from happening. Answer They aren't always. It depends on what is in the air you are breathing.
The color of "boogers" can tell you a thing or two about your health. Bacteria are
Boogers are full of germs making them green. They can be other colors based on surroundings.
If your boogers are green then you need to lay off the Mountain Dews. The green in the dew is turning your boogers green. If you don't drink dews then the water in your head has got
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Boogers get their green coloring if there is an infection present in the phlegm. There are bacteria that are responsible for giving it the green color. You can find more information here: http://www.fitsugar.com/Why-Boogers-Green-139800
The color of your boogers is important as it can tell you if you are healthy or not. If your boogers are clear, you are healthy. If your boogers are yellow or green, they you may have a sinus infection. You can find more information here: http://health.families.com/blog/the-secret-language-of-boogers
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