Why Are Butterflies Called Butterflies?


The name butterfly most likely comes from an Anglo-Saxon word butterfloege because the commonest species of butterfly was the butter-coloured Yellow Brimstone.
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Butterflies uses to be called flutterbys because they flutter. People liked the way the word sounded flipped backwards into butterfly and started calling them that. Another answer
It comes from Botervlieg and basically means to "flutter-by" The words were
Butterfly bush grows to between 6 and 12 feet tall, with a similar spread. The shrub has a weeping habit with pendulous branches that become heavier as the plant produces dense clusters
Butterfly comes from the Anglo-Saxon word butterfloege, dating from a time when the commonest species of butterfly was the butter-coloured Yellow Brimstone.
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The reason why a butterfly is called a butterfly can be explained by the false etymon where the initial name was 'flutterby'. The Old English/Dutch word for butterfly was 'buttorfleoge', because it was believed the insect initially sole butter from milk. The name was changed to butterfly for ease of use.
It is believed that butterflies got their name because they would flutter around milk while it was being churned into butter. There are over 28,000 types of butterflies. You can find more information here: http://www.kidskonnect.com/subject-index/13-animals/18-butterflies.html
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