Why Are Cats Afraid of Water?


Cats fear water because water changes the smell of the cat, and also the ability for the fur of the cat to insulate the body properly. Water in a cat's highly convoluted ear canal is very disturbing and can result in painful ear infections. Rain water obscures the highly sensitive vision of the cat.
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Cats have three kinds of fur, long straight "guard" hairs, intermediate "awn" hairs, and a fluffy "down" undercoat. The fluffy undercoat keeps the cat
They are not afraid of water, it makes them look silly,and it wastes energy. (there)
Cats love status quo, and prefer routine above all else. Water-especially when used for
Cats may be afraid of water because early cats lived in deserts & weren't exposed to much water.
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Not all cats are afraid of water. Some of them love to take bath's. Some do not like water because they like to clean themselves. My cat's do not like taking baths.
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