Why are coins round?


Coins are round because of the process in which they were made that required molten metal to be held in tongs until it cooled and then get hammered into shape. Aegina was the earliest state in Europe to use coined money.
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Coins were not originally round. They were simply lumps of precious metal (gold, silver, copper, or even a combination of these). Sometimes they were rare shells or beads. Later,
not all of them are. Round is an economical shape. Shapes with angles or corners wear faster and in the minting process are more difficult to place for stamping.
There was not really a deciding factor that made them lean any cert...
American Silver Eagle 1-oz. silver round. According to the U.S. Mint, silver coins were originally produced to be used as money rather than as an investment. The amount and purity
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The real reason is wear and tear. The truth is not all of them are round. The majority of them are but there are many of different shapes.
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