Why are crickets considered good luck?


Those in cultures that used crickets as watchdogs, due to the insect's tendency to chirp at the sound of approaching noise, believed the trait was an illustration of the cricket's ability to create good luck. Asians in particular have long revered the cricket, avoiding killing it for fear of bringing on bad luck. Many Native Americans refused even to mimic the sound of the cricket out of respect.

In Asia and parts of Europe, keeping a cricket on the hearth was a means of ensuring household luck. It was not uncommon to find people on both continents who kept crickets in small cages as pets in hopes of keeping luck around on a long-term basis.

In South America, particularly Brazil, local folklore indicated crickets chirped to signify impending rain or a sudden financial windfall. Brazilians even attributed meaning to certain cricket colors. For example, if they saw a black cricket, it was believed either they or someone they knew would become ill or die soon. Green crickets, on the other hand, symbolized hope.

There are roughly 900 species of crickets throughout the world. The males chirp to draw female crickets during mating season. They also chirp when they discover another male nearby.

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