Why Are Dolphins Endangered?


They are endangered because they get caught up in fishing lines.
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pink dolphins are endangered because people are building too many building and the pink dolphins have no where to live.
Pink dolphins, commonly found in the Amazon river of South America, are on the
Instructions. Adopt a dolphin to help support efforts to keep tuna fishing safe for dolphins. Tuna fishing techniques are one of the main reasons dolphins are on the endangered species
and because they are caught in fishnets. Endangered dolphins are a huge concern in our actual society. Why is it a problem? Well, first of all, if such specie like the dolphin is
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Dolphins are endangered as human's are poaching them on a large scale and due to pollution. The main endangered species include the Indus River dolphin and the Baiji also called the Yangtze River dolphin.
Water pollution is the leading cause of dolphins being endangered. The water is threatening their habitat as well as lowering their food supply. You can find more information here: http://www.tropical-rainforest-animals.com/Endangered-Dolphins.html
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