Why Are Fire Engines Red?


The reason as to why the fire engines are painted red dates back to the 1800s where there was a competition between the fire brigades of neighbouring towns and cities. Each brigade took great pride in their pump and wanted their rig stand to out by having the most brass, being the cleanest or being a regal colour. During the 1800, red was the most expensive colour and that's the colour most crews chose to paint their pump.
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So that they are easily spotted, i.e. distinctive colors, indicating a special vehicle. In reality, fire engines are also found in other colors: white, green (light or dark) yellow,
There are several theories as to why fire engines are red. One is that they would stand out
1. Measure your cargo bed. As a practical matter, if you are building your own fire engine instead of buying one, it likely means you are retrofitting an existing vehicle. The key
Back in the ooooold days, all automobiles were black, so any red vehicle would really stand out! Hence red fire-fighting vehicles. Back in the 1970s, though, studies proved that chartreuse
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Early fire departments were often funded by their volunteer members and red (the cheapest color of paint available) was frequently chosen to save money.
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