Are foxes nocturnal?


It is not certain why foxes are nocturnal, but most prefer to hunt at night, although there are some which hunt during the day. The red fox, for example, has very good senses making it more adapted to hunting at night. Its eyes can work in low light conditions and its ears can hear very small noises enabling it to hunt even in the night.
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They are nocturnal.
It's important to remember where much of insect diversity is. Things like ants, weevils, burrowing beetles, etc that live underground or inside a substrate don't really see much light
Most members of the canine and feline families have ears that point forward. The forward-pointing ear is an evolutionary adaptation that is linked to the animal's methods of hunting
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Most foxes are nocturnal and are mainly active in late evening and early morning but may occasionally be seen during the day. They have acute light vision due to the light-sensitive cells in their eye and also the layer of cells called the tapetum lucidum, which reflects light back through the eye, increasing the sharpness of their vision.
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