Why Are Gases Easily Compressed?


Compression is, scientifically, the process of reducing the amount of space between particles in matter. This changes the physical appearance and property of the item being compressed. Gases are easily compressed due to the amount of space that exists between gas particles. The space is rather vast when compared to liquids or solids, which are more densely packed. Because of this large area, the gas has much more room for compression when compared to other matter states.
Q&A Related to "Why Are Gases Easily Compressed?"
The molecules in a gas are far apart and move around a lot, so gasses can be compressed by removing the space between the particles.
and the density of gases varies with the temperature.
Gases are easy to compress because they are the least dense form of matter
Because their use as drugs, without the supervision of a licensed practitioner or by properly instructed emergency personnel, is not safe.
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