Why are guys so confusing?


Behaviors more commonly found in men that women may have trouble understanding stem from biological, societal and familial factors, but men are individuals and are not copies of a single entity. Each and every person should be judged by the content of their character alone.

Boys and girls are often raised with different expectations. Math and science are pushed harder on boys than girls, while cleaning and being neat are largely ignored. As a result, men tend to be more short-term-goal oriented than women and are often messier.

Men have some behavioral tendencies that stem from biology. Their sexual arousal is largely visually stimulated and often operates at a deficit to the part of the brain that calculates risk. In short, men are wired to seek immediate sexual gratification to a greater degree than women but many also seek long-term romantic relationships.

Men and women alike seek to conform to media standards of their gender. The standard for men often dictates that they be independent, never show weakness and focus on activities that are considered masculine, such as hunting, sports or cars. Men may also live under the myth that though they should be the white knight, their princess should be the one who forces them to mature and become stable.

These facets are not true of every man, and each man must be valued as an individual. Communication is the key to any relationship. No man is a prisoner of his gender. His ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status and even where he was raised influences him as a person.

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Men are not confusing. Men & women have 2 different worlds. They have different values, priorities, habits & they play different rules that makes it confusing.
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