Why Are Hot Cheetos Bad for You?


According to several rumors, the hot Cheetos are bad for you because they haven acid on them that will destroy your intestines. While this has not been proven to be the truth, it is true that these hot Cheetos have a ton of salt and calories in them along with fat. Some reports say they have proven to be addictive which leads to excessive consumption.
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they aren't that bad, the taste isn't that hot just if you put a whole bunch in your mouth and press your touge against them inside your mouth your taste buds would feel like you
1. Pour out a single 1-ounce serving of Hot Cheetos. This is the equivalent to 33 Cheetos or half of a 2-ounce bag. A single serving has 170 calories and 11 grams of fat. 2. Eat the
They are unhealthy because of their lack of nutritional
The spiciness releases endorphins, similar to morphine. It's to help cope with the burn. They're fried, probably have transfats, and seriously, nothing from Frito-Lay is good for
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