Why Are Hurricanes Named after Women?


Contrary to popular perception, hurricanes are not always named after women. Hurricanes are named alphabetically with the names alternating between male and female names. Naming hurricanes began in the year 1950.
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Because women always change their minds like the the weather changes.
They don't, they have alternate male then female Tony,Valerie and William follow Sandy http://geography.about.com/od/li... Embed
Since the beginning of recorded history, man has used watercrafts to travel and explore the world. Each civilization has its own traditions regarding naming boats, but they are most
They aren't always named after women. I lived through Hurricane Ivan, Andrew, Dennis, and Stan just to name a few. From the Fema Site: "All hurricanes are given names. Why is
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There is no real reason why hurricanes are named after women. Hurricanes are not named after any specific woman. After the 70s hurricanes began to be names after men too. Women were upset and demanding that this change came.
Not all hurricanes are named after women. Every year, the National Hurricane Center comes up with a list of alternating male and female names. If a name becomes associated with a particularly devastating hurricane such as Sandy or Katrina, it is a seen for several years as a bad name for women to give to their kids.
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