Are Jewish People Buried Standing up?


Although the practice of burying people upright is not common today, during the time of Christ Jews were buried in a simple hole in the ground. They were buried standing upright so as to take up as little space as possible.
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It is a myth that Jews are buried standing up. According to the Jewish funeral traditions, the coffin is placed in a laying position. The funerals are unique in that most of the burial is done by hand.
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It's tradition for a Jewish burial to take place ASAP,even on the same day of the
They don't, they also bury their dead horizontally. But by Jewish Law, it is required to bury a body as soon as possible after death and does not embalm a body.
he is buried on a cemetary in Staten Island. I am his daughter, the one that he abandoned when I was 10 years old and never saw and never supported. He was a deadbeat abusive father
We don't.Our dead are buried laying down just like the deceased of any other religion.
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