Why Are Killer Whales Endangered?


Killer whales are endangered because of loss of their natural habitat and reduction in food supply. They are mainly found in the coastal waters of higher altitudes habitually the North Pacific, Arctic and Antarctica.
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people kill them for their meat. it is illegal but people do it anyway!
Mechanized commercial whaling it the main reason that humpback whales are endangered. Before this type of whaling there were 15,000 whales in the north pacific today it is estimated
Each humpback whale can be identified by its fin and flukes as other whale species are different . Adult male humpback whales are between 40 and 48 feet long. Females are slightly
The Killer Whale has declined in overall numbers but has not been an endangered
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Killer whales, like most other animals on earth, are considered an endangered species because of humans. Over fishing and whaling has left their numbers diminished. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer_Whale
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