Why are koala bears endangered?


Koala bears are endangered because of various factors including habitat destruction. This is actually the major cause for their increasing reduction. Koalas were used as source of food by the Native Americans who contributed to their decrease in number.
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Koalas are neither bears, nor are they endangered. Koalas are not officially endangered, and are currently not in danger of extinction. They are at risk from numerous threats, however
From what I saw on The Science Channel a while back, its mainly because their habitat is threatened. They subsist almost exclusively on eucalyptus leaves, and rain forests and other
Hunting Although the hunting of grizzly bears is illegal in America, many bears are killed for their fur. The internal organs of a grizzly bear are also sought after by the Asian
The koalas are not quite on the endangered list at this time....they are considered "potentially vulnerable" and "threatened". Their numbers had decreased due
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Koalas live almost exclusively on the leaves of the eucalyptus (gum) tree. Brushfires and habitat destruction have driven the koala onto the endangered list; between dogs, road kills, and habitat destruction, nearly 4000 koalas die every year. You can find more information here: http://www.koala-support.de/akf/welcome.html
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