Why are lipids insoluble in water?


Lipids are insoluble in water because they are nonpolar, and water is a polar molecule. Nonpolar substances are insoluble in polar substances, and polar substances are insoluble in nonpolar substances.

The effect of mixing polar and nonpolar liquids is similar to mixing magnetized marbles with regular ones. The magnetized marbles do not actively exclude the normal ones, but the attraction between them is much stronger, which means they naturally come together and exclude the regular ones. Polar molecules, such as water, have a "dipole moment" that give them an unevenly distributed charge. Negative ends of polar molecules are attracted weakly to positive ends of other polar molecules. Nonpolar molecules lack this uneven distribution of charge.

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The carbon to carbon and carbon to hydrogen bonds found in lipids are considered nonpolar. This means the electrons in the bond are shared relatively equally between the atoms. Conversely
Fatty acids made up of ten or more carbon atoms are nearly insoluble in water, and
Something is soluble in water if water molecules can latch onto molecules of the substance and pull the molecules apart by wriggling between the molecules. Water is a polar molecule
If they were soluble they would mix with water. Sugar or salt are soluble in water. lipids are fats and they do not mix, they float because they are more boyant than water.
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Why Are Lipids Insoluble in Water?
Lipids are a broad group of chemicals that include steroids, fats, and waxes characterized by their insolubility in water. This insolubility is often referred to as hydrophobic, or "water-fearing." However, this term may be misleading as their... More »
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