Why Are Minor Political Parties Important?


Minor political parties are important because they are able to take very clear stands on controversial issues whereas most major parties cannot. A candidate from a minor party can also play the role of a spoiler in an election where the two major parties are very evenly matched. Minor parties can take enough of the votes from one of the major candidates to cost them the election. Minor parties have also managed to reform many aspects of political life by acting as critics when necessary.
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Third parties can draw attention to issues not being covered by
they arent people just use them to decide how to vote they don't Evan see who the candidate is.
U.S. political parties can be traced back to 1800, when the Federalists and Democratic Republicans were formed. By 1832, with the Federalists no longer active, the Democratic Republicans
They often are specific issue parties. They bring that issue to the attention of the major parties. If they start to attract more voters a major party will deal with what ever issue
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