Why are my elbows black?


In addition to diabetes and skin conditions such as plaque psoriasis, dark elbows can be caused by a build-up of dry and dead skin cells, friction, improper hygiene, placing constant pressure on the area and inadequate exfoliation and moisturization, according to Health Guidance. Dark elbows are also more common in people who spend a great deal of time outdoors or engaging in hard, physical labor such as construction.

According to HellaWella, dark elbows affect people of all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds. However, those with darker skin tones often develop a deeper color than those with lighter skin tones. Elbows also tend to get darker with age due to the appearance of folds and creases, which allow dead skin cells to build up more readily.

Since dark elbows are often caused by friction and a build up of dead skin cells, it is vital to stop applying pressure and friction to the affected area, says HellaWella. The health website also recommends gentle exfoliation followed by a moisturizer rich in glycolic AHA. Your Beauty 411 recommends applying lemon juice to darkened areas for an at-home skin lightening treatment. Dark spots caused by eczema and psoriasis should be treated with the appropriate prescribed medications.

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Hi black elbows run in my family and its called ash. Btw we are not black. I had them when I was younger but some others in my family still have them. I used sugar and used it like
Dry skin is the main cause of having dark elbows & knees, sometimes you tend to lean/bend over something using them most often. Moisturizing will prevent this. report this answer
Black elbows are just darker areas of pigmentation in your skin. Keep them
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