Why are my gardenia buds falling off before they bloom?


There are a variety of reasons why buds fall off of a gardenia plant, but the most common cause is a change in location. Improper watering habits can also cause gardenia buds to fall off the plant.

Gardenias are very sensitive to disturbances and don't do well when they are transplanted or even touched. To prevent gardenias from losing their buds, the plants should be left alone in one spot. Another reason why buds sometimes drop off is due to lack of moisture. When the plants aren't watered properly, the buds will rot and fall off. The soil they are planted in should be kept moist, and the air should be humid to prevent buds from dropping.

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Contact your county extention office. They will help you. I personally think it may be due to over watering.
If it is idoors the atmosphere is too dry' If outdoors the roots are dry. The first thing a plant under stress will do is cast its buds.
Hi Vickie, Thanx for your question. You keep your azaleas in pots and keep them indoors during the winter? Azaleas do require some dormancy, even in the Deep South. Southern azaleas
Probably too much heat and not enough water. Most gardenias (except radicans) require some shade. Preferably afternoon shade when it is very hot out. Water the ground beneath the
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