Why are my hostas dying?


Examine the leaf and look for any signs of disease or attack by pests, dig your hosta plant up using your tipped shovel. Ensuring roots are not damaged, examine the roots to see if they are damaged or eaten by pests; if so remove the dead or diseased part of the hosta. If the plant is not damaged you may relocate it to a new area by mixing the soil with high nitrogen fertilizer, after planting water and ensure you water the plant once a week.
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Varieties The foliage of hostas can vary from gold to green to blue depending on the species. Your hostas' leaves may turn yellow if you have a yellow-centered or variegated variety
not enough water. and /or too much sun.
Did all of the flowers open at a similar time? The reason your flowers usually last a long time and die one by one is because each flower opens some time after the last flower, starting
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