Why Are My Lips Red and Dry?


Your lips are red and dry because they are irritated and lacking moisture. Weather and change of seasons or climate can sometimes cause this. Carrying chap stick in your pocket may provide relief and help heal dry and cracked lips.
Q&A Related to "Why Are My Lips Red and Dry?"
Probably because your alergic to it?
Lips are red for 2 reasons: Fewer layers of skin. (~4) cover the tissue beneath than on other areas of the body (~16 for most of the face). . Fewer melanin-producing cells. (melanocytes
I knew a girl who had the same problem, but she use to lick her upper lip a lot and she also did this thing were she put her lower lip above her top lip and it cause a lot of irritation
Your lips are red because there are many blood vessels around the l...
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