Why Are My Mums Turning Brown?


There are several reasons a mum might begin to turn brown. If the mum plant is being kept outside wind and frost can cause a mum to brown. Also if the mum is not getting enough water it will turn brown.
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Dried Out. Most mosses thrive in moist to damp environments with plenty of water. Without the proper moisture, moss begins to dry and turn brown. Moss turning brown due to lack of
It is hard to say with our more details, but most people kill their house plants because of excess water. Excess water is a bigger problem is with Cacti. You should let them dry between
The common goldfish can change color many times throughout its life cycle.
If you live in very hot weather, it could be the heat. Cut the mums back and hope they will live. In the future, cut them back after the fall bloom. If they bloom again in the spring
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Why Are My Mums Turning Brown?
Chrysanthemums are popular perennial flowers that are native to China. Brought to Europe and the United States in the 1800s, they quickly became staple plants for home gardens and floral arrangements. Many types of chrysanthemum cultivars are available... More »
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Your mums could be turning brown because you put them out too early. Mums do turn brown when they are done blooming. When this happens trim them to the ground, and they will come back beautiful next year. You can find more information at www. daytonnursery. com/tips/Garden%20Mums. htm
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