Why are my toenails turning black?


Black toenails indicate bleeding underneath the nail bed and, in many cases, death of the nail. Traumatic injury is the most common cause of black toenails.

Foot Vitals explains that black toenails are most often caused by traumatic injury. The black, bruised appearance of the toenail is actually due to bleeding underneath. Sometimes the blood seeps into the layers between the toenail, causing the toenail itself to turn black. When blood pools underneath the surface, an excessive amount of pressure is placed on the toenail. This frequently results in the separation of the toenail from the nail bed, both from the pressure and from a lack of blood supply to the base of the toenail itself.

The Healthy Feet Store notes that bruising on the toenail is known as a hematoma and offers limited treatment options. If the black toenail is accompanied by pain, a visit to the podiatrist may be the only option. However, if there is no pain, the toenail may be soaked to improve comfort and help accelerate the process of falling off. The toe may be sensitive while the nail is falling off, so it is important to wear comfortable and protective footwear to prevent further injury.

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