Why are my tomatoes still green?


Your tomatoes are still green because they have not reached maturity. However, if they have reached their maturity and they are still green then they might have tomato blight and you should get rid of the affected plants.
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It is possible that your green plants are not producing flowers or fruits because they are not receiving adequate sunlight. Tomato plants require eight to 10 hours of direct sunlight
Not enough sun I'm afraid. It's been a bad year and now it's starting to get colder too which doesn't help. Soon be time to pick them and bring them indoors to finish ripening but
If the inside of the tomato you are looking at is green, that means it is not ripe and should be given time to mature into a red color.
If the 'rot' is on the bottom of the tomato and it is hard to the touch, it is 'blossom end rot' it is caused by a lack of calcium in the soil or erratic watering.
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Tomatoes require what is called a cooling off period to ripen. If the climate has been consistently cool, then it could be that the plant has not received enough warm temperature to ripen. You can try taking them indoors or inside a garage to promote the ripening stage. Another option is to remove them from the plant and set them in a window seal with direct sunlight to see if that will help move the process along. You can find more info at: www.gardenstuffs.com
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