Why Are Orangutans Endangered?


Orangutans are endangered because their natural habitat is being depleted by human activities.
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They are endangered because people are wrecking their habitat by cutting trees in the forests where they live. There is an estimate of about 18,000 left in the wild.
Orangutans are endangered because people are shooting them & wrecki...
The deforestation, hunting are the main reasons. The bornean orangutus was a species in monkey. When there is loss of habitat the species become endangered. To protect the species
1. Adopt an orangutan by providing money for his care. The Orangutan Foundation International, for example, offers individuals, families and schools the opportunity to assist in their
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Orangutans are endangered due to the loss of their natural habitat, which is the forest. They spend most of their time in trees where they eat, sleep and mate. They are also endangered because of poachers who capture and sell them illegally.
Orangutans are endangered mainly because of human activity. The orangutan's forest habitat is being cleared for agriculture. In addition, the tropical rainforests are being cut down for timber and the land cleared for mining and palm oil plantations.
Orangutans are mainly endangered due to illegal hunting, destruction of habitat, and loss of food source. Several others are trapped and sold as pets in which case they are no longer available for mating. You can find more information here: http://teachered.neyture.info/endanger/reports/mammals/orang/orang.html#700
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