Why Are Owls Called Wise?


The owl is considered wise because it has been used by people from ancient times as a symbol of wisdom. People believed that the owl's very serious look was a sign of wisdom. However, the owl is not as wise as you may think because there are some birds such as geese and crows that are wiser than the owl.
Q&A Related to "Why Are Owls Called Wise?"
The owl has been called a wise bird for the same reason that some men are thought to
Whether delivering an. environmental message. correcting the. spelling. of a famous bear, or. sailing. away with a beauteous kitty, owls have quite a hold on our imaginations. But
Owls are not wise, it has a small brain for its size. It was portrayed as symbol of wisdom since ancient time probably because of the serious look on it's face.
The owl was the familiar of the wise Greek goddess Athena and even owls are known by the company they keep. Sandy Parkinson, Hilton WA
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