Why Are Parallel Circuits Used in Homes?


Parallel circuits are used at home because the voltage always remains constant, thus reducing the chances of electrical accidents occurring. In addition to this, only the amount of current required by a device is supplied to a device.
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So that when you need water or heat from your boiler it will travel to the taps and radiators in more than way.
Wiring in parallel means electricity can flow directly to each appliance or outlet without flowing through another device. This ensures that two essential requirements are met: the
IF lights or appliances are connected in series they all have to be on to work and if one fails they all shut down. And the voltage varies at each device depending on what else is
To operate at its rated power, a lamp. must. be subject to its rated voltage (the supply voltage) As each branch of a parallel circuit is subject to the same voltage (the supply voltage
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Parallel circuits are used in homes for more than one reason. First, a parallel circuit configuration limits the amount of power in each circuit and if one circuit breaker goes out, power remains on in the rest of the home.
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