Why Are People Religious?


Religion is part of human nature. In areas where science fails to answer the fundamental questions, religion provides the answer. People are religious in order to find answers to life's puzzles. For example how the Universe came to exist and how we were formed.
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Religious fundamentalism is the firm belief of the basics of a religion. It includes living according to the writings of your specific religion to the letter.
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all religion stared by Nimrod , 4000 BC . years after the flood , for one thousand years after the flood there was only God worship . this is history so don't vote for someone 's
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Religious people may seem like hypocrites because they place themselves under a spotlight by announcing to the world they are trying to live to a higher standard ...
There are a variety of reasons why people hold religious beliefs. Religious beliefs form a major part of culture and are mostly 'inherited' by birth. Some may ...
People study religious education, because it provides a better understanding of the world around us. Religion has been persistent and powerful throughout the years ...
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