Why are policies and procedures important in schools?


Policies and procedures are important in schools because they help to ensure that employees and students alike know what is expected of them, receive fair treatment, and enjoy the safest conditions possible. Policies and procedures provided by the top administration give structure to the school so that there is no question as to what to do under a given circumstance.

Safety in school is better assured when clear policies and procedures exist. Students and employees know how to react in emergency situations, making it easier for the situations to be resolved and for teachers to account for their students.

Everyone works better when the rules are clear and apply to all in the same manner. Policies and procedures set forth the rules that must be followed and the consequences for deviating from those rules. Moreover, they give all involved a blueprint for how the school operates on a day-to-day basis.

Policies and procedures in the classroom bring order. They address such simple issues as what a student is to do when class starts, what supplies he needs, how grades are awarded, expected classroom behavior, and what to do about missed work. Students behave and perform better when they know the guidelines and when teachers and administrators are consistent with enforcing the rules.

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