Why Are Rainforests Being Cut down?


Humans are the main cause of rainforest destruction or deforestation. Humans are cutting down rainforests for many reasons, wood for both timber and wood for making fires, agriculture for both small and large farms and land for poor farmers who don't have anywhere else to live.
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The rainforests are being cut down for two main reasons. First, to make room for farms and ranches. Second, to build houses. In short, because there are too many people on this planet
For its resources and high abundance of trees and other raw materials necessary for industrializing countries around the world.
People are cutting down the rainforests in pursuit of three major r...
Rainforests are homes to animals and indigenous forest people. Animals take food from their natural habitat and, in turn, act as food for larger predators, keeping in sync the balance
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Rainforests are being cut down because the trees are used to provide timber and coal, creation of space for farming, the construction of highways and the building of mines and quarries. Indiscriminate cutting down of rainforests is called deforestation.
Rainforests are being cut down for wood to be used as timbers and in making fires and manufacturing paper. Other reasons are creation of agriculture and grazing land as well as extraction of minerals and energy.
Rain forests are being culled by governments and large corporations for their lumber. These entities believe this is the only value these beautiful lands hold.
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