Why Are Rainforests Being Destroyed?


Large areas of rainforest are being cut down, often in order to get logs or wood for various purposes as fuel and furniture production. Many rainforests in Central and South America have been burnt down to make way for cattle farming, which supplies cheap beef to North America, China and Russia.
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they need the trees for paper.
Loggers clear cut the land to sell the timber and convert the land to agricultural use. The misconception is that the land is fertile and will produce crops easily. However, the soil
i am doing a project on the amazon rainforest , the reason its being destroyed is because poor people are digging in the grounds and cutting the trees in the look to find gold. and
They are being destroyed due to deforestation and
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They are destroyed because of wood,road construction,land for grazing and for agriculture.
Rainforests are being destroyed for a number of reasons and man is directly responsible. They are destroyed for settlement and cultivation land, pulp and lumber for wood and charcoal and also for road construction. A significant portion is also cleared for mineral extraction. Experts estimate that we are losing over 137 animals, plants and insect species every single day as a result of destruction of rainforests.
The main reasons why rain forests are being destroyed include obtaining wood for timber, clearing the land for agricultural purposes and creating land for people who have nowhere else to live. They are also being destroyed to extract minerals and energy as well as make way for road construction.
Rainforests are destroyed for their natural resources. Certain trees and plants found in rainforests can be used for products such as furniture and even medications. The intent is usually not to destroy, but the demand for products and money made from such ventures leads to destruction.
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