Why Are Rainforests Called Rainforest?


They are called rainforests because of the amount and frequency of rain that falls in these forests, which is high compared to other forested areas. A rainforest can receive about 250 centimetres of rain in a year. These forests are usually quite humid as well, because most sunlight is blocked by the canopy layer at the top.
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Because it rains a lot in rain forests.
The Amazon River basin is about the size of the lower 48 United States, with the Amazon River supplying up to one-fifth of all freshwater going into the Atlantic Ocean. The plants
Because they're wet! Tropical rainforests are defined by their wet and dry seasons. Tropical rainforests receive 160 to 400 inches (400-1000) cm) of rain each year. Compare this with
rain forests have different kinds of plants too, usually larger leafed from what ive seen. there are vines instead of poison ivy. there are many animals running around which tend
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The reason why it is rainforest its because of the high amount of rain the forest gets in a year. They have an annual rainfall of at least, 100 inches. The rain forest can be described as a dense, warm and wet jungle.
The reason it is called a 'rain forest' is because of the high amount of rainfall it gets per year. There are heavy rains during at least part of the year, and a dense canopy of trees traps a lot of moisture in the air below. The climate of a rain forest is very hot and humid thus a habitat to many forms of life.
Rainforests are referred to rainforests because of the presence of precipitation and humidity. These forests are known to receive an nnual rainfall of at least 254 centimeters and the temperature can be as high as 34 degrees Celsius.
Rain forests are known as so due to the fact that they receive a high amount of rainfall per year. A dense canopy of trees traps the moisture and high humidity is a common feature. Rainforests are the source of most of the things that we use at home. For instance,chocolate, sugar, cinnamon, rubber, medicine and pineapples.
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