Why Are Red Indians Called Red Indians?


The red Indians were referred to as the red Indians because of the red war paint they wore when going for war; and not because of their skin colour as some people believe. There were two types of red Indians, the Forest and the Prairie Indians. The two communities had different lifestyles.
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When Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas (in the New World) he encountered natives. He assumed that he was on an island off the coast of India, even though India was actually
Columbus thought he made it to India so the natives were called Indians. They were called red Indians because their skin tone appeared reddish.
The derogatory term 'Red Indians' originally referred to a specific tribe,
the guys are right about Columbus thinking he had reached India. The reason for the name 'red indians' is because the natives rubbed blood onto their skin after a kill when hunting,
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The use of the word Indian in reference to Native Americans was due to Columbus and his thinking he had found a short cut to India and therefore he called the natives Indians out of ignorance. The use of red in terms of Native Americans is due to our lovely red toned skin.
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