Why Are Seahorses Endangered?


Seahorses are endangered because of over-fishing and destruction of their natural habitat. The Spotted and Tiger tail seahorse are currently not endangered but are still considered vulnerable. Several species are bred in aquariums and it is therefore possible to obtain one without having to capture wild specimens.
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because people like catching them for souvenirs and they also like drying them. Chinese also catch them because they use them for medicine.
All 32 species of sea horses are on the Endangered Species list as of Nov
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There are basically three reasons species become endangered or go extinct now: Humans destroy their habitat. This can take many forms: logging forests, draining wetlands, converting
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Seahorses are commonly kept as pets, but they are becoming increasingly rare in their natural environments. Several things have contributed to their endangerment, including global warming. You can find more information here: http://www.seahorsehawaii.com/endangered_seahorses/
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